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Char Grilled Meat Shredder Claws

by editor

You can’t just grab your meat and start yanking. The results could be disastrous.

No. You need to ensure, first of all, your meat is properly prepared. It should be firm, preferably hot, and in such a position as to ensure access with both hands. Then, grab a pair of Char Griller Meat Shredder Claws and go for it!

The wide, four-prong design is ideal for shredding, carving and handling hot meat, the stainless-steel prongs presumably won’t end up with any embarrassing stains, and the handles ensure a comfortable grip, which is always desirable.

You betcha. Pulling your pork will never have felt so good.

The claws are specifically designed to shred or pull apart slow-cooked meat, lift roasts off the barbeque and hold down food while carving. Grab a pair – or maybe even several pairs! – from Bunnings for $10.49.

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