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Cement Australia Trade Mortar

by admin

Product strength and colour consistency are essential for all quality bricklayers and stonemasons.

When you have a product like Cement Australia’s Trade Mortar, which is produced to offer superior colour and strength with its pre-blended mortar product, you know you are in good hands.

To name a few quick specs and facts: this product is locally made in Australia and is M4 rated mortar, which conforms to AS3700. Water is the only added item so you will achieve a consistent mix, even when the first-year apprentice is manning the mixer. This means you can achieve a faster project turnaround without compromising quality.

For our test I called my mate Marty from Marty and Co. Formwork-Concrete who is working on his own home with the brickies in full swing. We were welcomed onsite by Bon Rich from BR Masonry who was just starting the top level of the structure and in no time had his team of lads mixing mud and throwing bricks.

When having a chat with Bon at smoko, he commented on the product, “We are always looking for consistency of product and a nice fluffy mix. For our smaller jobs, we use Cement Australia products because of their consistency and ease of use. Not having to worry about bringing in the sand is a massive bonus for smaller jobs. Anything that can further enhance the quality and consistency for us is excellent because we mainly work in high-end, architecturally driven builds and constructions around Sydney where quality is the main focus.” As the bricks went up and the team of eight all went about their tasks, I really noticed the impact on the whole team if one area wasn’t keeping up with the others. The elimination of quality control concerns from contamination of sand and raw material variability is awesome.

Consistency When The Pressure Is On

A bag of the Trade Mortar is going to cover 20 house bricks or 10 masonry blocks per 20kg bag (10mm mortar joint). To use it’s as simple as mixing the bag into the minimum amount of water for a workable mix, but not going overboard with the water because too much can weaken the mortar strength. When the pressure is on and the brickies are screaming for mud, it can be easy for the labourer to stuff up a mix. However, because only water needs to be added to the Trade Mortar there are reduced errors and potential rectification costs down the track.

The Wrap-Up

The Trade Mortar from Cement Australia received a glowing review from the boys at BR Masonry – the freshly laid walls looked a treat! I did notice on the bag it states that if the mortar has been left to stand for an extended period of time you should scrap that mix and start a fresh batch because retempering the mix with additional water will weaken the mortar, which is a good work practice anyway.

Cement Australia has developed an extensive and impressive range of products that have been finely tuned into the Australian environment and tried and tested over many years. Although most of today’s review has been about their pre-blended Trade Mortar product, they also have a substantial range of products worth checking out on their website www.cementaustralia.com.au – from bulk cement products, packaged products and sands and additives to SCMs, lime and mortar, and render products. It’s also Australian made, which means you’ll support local jobs for your fellow Australians.

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