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Cast Your Eyes! Same Stylish Protection In New-Look Packaging

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In 2017, Scott Safety and 3M™ combined, and now this range is unified with a great new look.

3M and Scott  Safety believe health and safety are the priorities in any working environment, and that greater comfort and modern styles improve worker compliance with regulatory requirements for protective eyewear. Eye-protectio products are used in many industries to protect against flying particles, liquids, chemicals, molten metals, radiated heat and glare. The 3M range of safety spectacles and goggles offer the user protection from eye hazards, including medium-impact flying fragments, and continues to have the features that 3M is known for:

  • Style: A critical factor when it comes to raising the acceptance of the user to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). 3M’s range of eyewear gives you a variety of modern and stylish products from which to choose.
  • Protection: The 3M range of eyewear offers high-quality optics. Most of the 3M glasses and goggles offer reliable UV protection and all are tested and comply with AS/ NZS1337.1.
  • Comfort: Many 3M products come with adjustable features and soft materials in points of contact in order to improve fit and comfort to accommodate different face sizes and shapes.
  • Compatibility: Eye protection often needs to be worn in conjunction with other protective equipment and it is essential that comfort and fit with other PPE is maintained. Most of the eyewear and goggle ranges can be used in combination with respiratory and hearing protection by 3M. Compatibility with other PPE will be subject to several variable factors which require the employer and end user to determine an appropriate selection depending on individual needs.

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For more information on the 3M Safety eyewear range go to www.3M.com.au/ppesafety, contact your 3M representative

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