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B&W International Tough Case series 6700 Jumbo

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The Tough Case series from B&W International are some seriously cool tool cases and include the Jet 3000, 5000, 6000, and, the largest of the crew, the Jumbo 6700.

They’re made tough with impact-resistant polypropylene (PP) and built with the end user’s needs and comforts in mind. Not only are they built tough, but their IP67 rating is made for extreme weather conditions. They’re dustproof and waterproof, keeping your expensive tools and testing gear safe from the elements. I was able to get my hands on the Jumbo 6700, so let’s dive in a bit deeper with what I thought of this system.

Test #1: Sorting Out The Van

I’ve been through a few different tool bags and a couple of boxes, so I was pretty keen to give my temporary toolbox a good sort out. The tool organisers I’ve used in the past haven’t been of this build quality. Everything feels solid. But what this first test is about was how well it organised my tools.

The Jumbo 6700 contains two removable tool boards with 54 pockets and 94 elastic-loop tool inserts. That really does give a place for everything.

The lid pocket is also perfect for documents, keeping them safe and uncrushed.

Underneath the second tool board in the bottom tray is a really cool section which can be customised to suit different needs. The patented aluminium dividers can be cut to different lengths and inserted to individual needs. They even include end caps to make the cut edges look and feel more pro.

I was seriously amazed at the number of hand tools I could get into the Jumbo 6700, and there was still space for plenty more. I’ll be playing around with the layout a bit to get the set up I like, but so far, I’m very impressed.

JUMBO 6700

  • Volume: 44 litres
  • Payload: 35kg
  • External dimensions: 609mm x 428mm x 263mm
  • Internal dimensions: 534mm x 357mm x 225mm

Test #2: Portability & Robustness

So, all my tools were now well-organised and neat, from hand tools to expensive testing equipment.

The first day of testing was perfect as there’d been plenty of rain. The outside of the case got pretty wet, and the wheels got filthy from the onsite mud. Being IP67-rated the tools were seriously safe.

I loaded the case in and out of the van, being fairly rough, hitting the van shelving as much as possible and trying to catch a latch, but they’re well-guarded front and sides. With other brands I’ve owned the clips are usually the first to go from catching on things, but the design of these clips seems like they’ll outlast the others by a mile.

The Jumbo 6700 is also stackable, so if you were to get a few others in different configurations (for power tools, camera gear and so forth), they would stack nicely together.

When fully loaded (payload 35kg) there’s going to be a bit of weight inside the case, so you’ll be happy to know it has a very solid telescopic handle and two in-line rollers to wheel the case onto the site with ease.

The Jumbo 6700 also sports three other ergonomic handles for lifting the case with ease.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I’m in love!

Not only has it tidied and organised a massive part of my van, but it’s also now so easy to wheel all my hand tools onto the site without breaking my back. There’s less sending the apprentice to the van for specific tools too, as they’re mostly all on site all the time now.

My old tool cases were never as roomy as the Jumbo 6700. I always needed to dig around for a certain item that didn’t have its own pocket, and there was no way my last few cases were able to fit anywhere near what the Jumbo 6700 can. I’ve loved getting to a switchboard and setting up. I undo the clips and the lid opens by itself with the gas struts. Everything is laid out perfectly with clear visibility. Everything is easy to find and easy to put away for next time. An added benefit is noticing more easily when things haven’t been set back in their place. A place for everything and everything in its place.

I’ll be ordering one for each of the vans. Not only will it protect all the gear, but the sparkies will hopefully be more efficient by having everything they need close by and in good order. These cases are definitely worth checking out. The tough case series by B&W International are some seriously tough cases that will be with you for a very long time.

Available from Bunnings (Special Orders), Sydney Tools, Trade Tools and specialist tool outlets

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