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Burnt Impressions Selfie Toaster

by admin

This is totally our favourite gadget for this issue.

The Selfie Toaster can brand an image onto a piece of toast. It can be a pic of Nick Kyrgios, your favourite pet or car, or even yourself.

It needs a pic sent to the Selfie Toaster folks, who laser cut a grilling plate of the image and modify the toaster. Each time you slam a slice of bread into the slot it pops up with a warm, toasty pic or your chosen subject.

The other side of the toast is just regular toast though, which is a bit of a bummer.

It looks like the Selfie Toaster will cost US$75 from burntimpressions.com, and you might have to convince them to ship overseas. We couldn’t get a clear answer without buying one, and we weren’t paying unless we could definitely get it shipped here.

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