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Bugatti Noun

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This thing is supposed to be ‘a new, unique and exciting way of cooking in glass transparency’.

Thanks to the exclusive GTH Technology and far-infrared rays (FIR), found in nature and known for their beneficial properties, you can create perfect dishes which are healthy and full of flavour. Food like meat, fish, vegetables and bread can be cooked by setting the ideal temperature, adjustable from 50°C to 300°C.The heat enshrouds the dish, penetrating it deeply and evenly, bringing out aromas and flavours and preserving nutritional properties to achieve perfect, healthy and full-of-flavour cooking.

Fast and efficient, Noun reaches 300°C in just 80 seconds.

Gotta love those far-infrared rays.

If you feel this isn’t a trendy, wanky bit of kit, and it’s totally worth the $3526 plus freight, get on to Harrod’s, a posh-boy shop in Gweat Bwitain.

Try http://harrods.comWe couldn’t find a ‘shop’ tab, but they do international orders.

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