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Fuelling engines for generations to come

With 110 years of experience providing consumers with high-performance engines to get the job done, Briggs & Stratton has launched a new product to ensure optimal maintenance of its durable engines. The Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Preservative and Stabiliser maintains small engine health by sustaining fuel quality, keeping fuel fresh for up to 36 months – well into next season. Whether putting your mower away at the end of the season or letting some time pass between uses,

curbing your fuel’s degradation is crucial. One of the easiest ways to maintain your mower for seasons to come is by using Briggs & Stratton’s Advanced Formula Fuel Preservative and Stabiliser.


It’s the latest in fuel-treatment technology and includes powerful fuel additives to protect your fuel system. Fuel begins degrading almost as soon as you pump it. As it breaks down, gums and varnishes  are formed that can stick intake valves and clog fuel lines and carburettor jets, resulting in severe starting problems. The Advanced Formula Fuel Preservative and Stabiliser fights the harmful effects of water separation. This fuel additive contains corrosion inhibitors that form a protective barrier on metal parts to prevent rust. Detergents help prevent gummy build-up on engine parts. A metal deactivator works to stop the aggressive chemical reactions caused by dissolved metal ions in the fuel.

Preventative Maintenance

Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Preservative and Stabiliser also guards against octane loss due to ethanol separation, protecting your engine against pre-ignition and other low-octane events.

Add the Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Preservative and Stabiliser according to package directions and then run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the solution through the carburettor.

The super-concentrated formula is available in 250ml and 1-litre bottles, exclusively from your authorised Briggs & Stratton dealer as well as Bunnings Warehouse.