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Breville The Easy Air Purifier

by admin

Every family and worksite has someone who’s good on the trouser trumpet. And what about the family dog?

When the editor’s dog’s been on the kangaroo bones…mate! The rear-end vapours from that canine get absolutely poisonous.

If the air’s getting cloudy in a tight workplace an air purifier can be a lifesaver, and this unit looks a good’n.

Featuring a compact body, multi-stage purification system and a silly name, the Breville the Easy Air purifier filters out various airborne materials from a room without taking up much space.

It has:

  • A 4-stage air-purification set up with a Microbe Shield Light, HEPA filter, carbon filter, and pre-filter to remove allergens, smoke, dust, germs/bacteria, and various particles
  • 360-degrees of air circulation, AND
  • A convenient 8-hour timer.

It’s ideal for rooms from 15m2 to 25m2, apparently. We reckon it should come with a lanyard so it can hang off the belt. Things would be a lot more pleasant around some people we know if they had one of these strapped on everywhere they went. Most Aussie whitegoods retailers are stocking the Breville, and the price looks to be around $230 at most of them.

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