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Bremick Ultrafast Timber & Decking Screws

by editor

Any product which can reduce labour time while offering top-shelf quality is going to be successful. Bremick’s UltraFast™ timber & decking screws are a great example.

There are 3 main features which make this range so unique. The first is a new-tothe- industry Spear Point, which eliminates timber splitting and the need to pre-drill hardwood timber. The second is an advanced Hi-Lo Sharks Tooth™ thread, engineered to drastically reduce driving torque and installation time (a feature that also prolongs battery life on the driver), and the third is the Precision Fit Torx Drive, which eliminates ‘cam out’ and facilitates one-handed fastening in awkward positions.

This range is aimed at carpenters, residential builders and deck builders looking to reduce installation time.

The new bugle batten range is designed and engineered to go in 2x faster than a traditional bugle batten screw, while removing the need to pre-drill.

The range includes the UltraFast Bugle Batten screw and the UltraFast Decking screw. The Bugle Batten screw comes in either outdoor Armourcoat CLASS4 for general external use to provide enhanced corrosion protection in extreme environments, or, if you’re looking for an architectural finish & extreme corrosion protection in severe marine environments, there is the stainless steel 304 option.

The UltraFast decking screw has a stainless steel 304 bronze option, providing a very classy bronze look engineered to last the life of the deck, as well as a traditional stainless steel 304 option for extreme corrosion in severe marine environments.

We were keen test the claim of 2x faster installation compared to a standard bugle screw. I caught up with builder Mitch Smith, who was halfway through a great decking project, and asked him to give the UltraFast bugles a solid run.

“I wish I had known about these bugle battens 3 months ago,” said Mitch. “They would have saved me a pile of time on this large deck, both for the framework and for the Ironbark decking boards. They look great, and being so close to the ocean here the stainless steel 304 bugles are perfect.

“I haven’t seen a bugle pull in so quick before. I always choose to countersink and pre-drill on high-end projects like this one, particularly when working with Ironbark, but If I was working on a softer timber, I love that these screws don’t require pre-drilling or countersinking.

“But always test this first on harder timbers.”

Mitch had already completed the Ironbark on the top-deck level and couldn’t switch decking screws halfway through the job, but he had plenty of Merbau around where we could test out the Ultrafast decking screws.

“I love the look of these Ultrafast decking screws,” he told us. “The small, low-profile head creates a great look. I found the perfect technique to really sink the head flush to the timber surface was to give the impact driver plenty of juice, then just back it off a smidge to the perfect height.”

Given Mitch was already around 5000 screws deep into this project when we arrived, his reaction was fairly typical of how a change to UltraFast products will be for most tradies. The Spear Point, Hi-Lo Sharks Tooth thread and the T40 Torx drive combine to produce a fast installation process and impressive look and feel tradies will appreciate and customers will enjoy.

With the Ultrafast Decking screws available in a range of sizes from 10G x 50mm through to 12G x 65mm, and the UltraFast Bugle screws from 14G x 65mm through to 14G x 150mm, it’s a well-appointed range for highend framing and decking needs.

Visit: www.bremick.com.au

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