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Bowden’s Own Great Barrier Thingy

by admin

We were ready to let fly at this one – anything called a Great Barrier Thingy was begging to be paid out on, we figured – but then we read what it was about and were really disappointed. It seems like a really practical product and we want one.

The Bowden’s Own Great Barrier Thingy is a circular grid that sits in a bucket so when the washcloth is rinsed all the dirt and grit falls through the Thingy. That leaves only clean water and detergent to swill the sponge or cloth in, and means not slopping a heap of dirty, crap water back on the car.

It’s made of plastic, so we guess we couldn’t use it for airfilters or dunking in fuel or solvents, but it’s still a good idea for lots of washing applications.

If it wasn’t such a good idea it’d be a bit boring.

Most auto-accessory places stock them for around $19.99.

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