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Boss Katana Air Wireless Guitar Amp

by admin

If you’re a developing Angus Young, you’re in.

No wait. This is a modelling amp, so it’s for guitar players who’re too lazy to create their own sound and try and do something new.

Okay! We’ve got that out of our systems, let’s have a look at what we have here.

The Katana is a great range of amps from Boss, ranging from 100-watters down to some tiny-weeny little ones, like the Mini, an honest, analogue amp for people who can really play.

But the Air is a beast of a different breed. It’s wireless, so there’s no need for pesky cables, and of course it can be operated from a smartphone via Bluetooth. It’ll even stream other people’s music to play along with, so that’s really soulful and artistic, isn’t it?

The Air is battery-powered too, and that’s a big win for buskers and those wanting to annoy people with their imperfectly learned Highway To Hell licks at family barbies.

The Katana Air’s available from music stores and websites everywhere, and they look to be selling for around $560.

(For a small, portable, modelling amp with useable volume, they’re actually pretty good).

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