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Bosch X-Lock Accessories

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Bosch has once again revolutionised angle-grinder safety.

Changing angle-grinder accessories has never been easier. The 2-step quick-changing system allows the accessories to be switched and changed with just one click.

The X-LOCK system is X-TRA Fast, X-TRA Safe & X-TRA Easy. The X-shaped interface of the grinder matches the X-shape on the accessory, which allows the pair to easily and effortlessly attach securely. Simply position the disc in the X-LOCK mount, press to click it in, and begin working. The clicking sound lets you know the accessory is correctly mounted on the device and is safely locked in. This means discs can no longer be attached incorrectly. To change a disc, simply unlock it using the red lever on the back of the grinder head and release the disc – with no need to touch the hot disc during removal. Safety is the priority, therefore Bosch has ensured the release lever will not discharge the disc while the tool is in use. Once the tool is not in use, the disc will release. Flat grinding is also now possible without the nut getting in the way, meaning surfaces will never get scratched.


To assist with a seamless transition from conventional grinders to the new X-LOCK system, all* X-LOCK accessories can be used on both the new grinders, as well as standard grinders with the older interface system (excludes brushes).

Bosch Professional provides a wide range of 125mm accessories to cope with every application, including metal, stone, concrete, tiles and more. At the same time there are 23 other licenced suppliers producing X-LOCK accessories globally.

For more information visit www. bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/x-lock/

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