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Bosch is leading the innovation in safety with a complete dustless range of vacuums, accessories and attachments. Bosch aims to protect against silica dust generated in the workplace from mechanical processes such as crushing, cutting, drilling, grinding, sawing or polishing of natural stone or man-made products that contain silica. If you are involved in these types of applications, you are at risk.

You may not see dust particles. They can be small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs and can cause irreversible damage. This is why it is crucial for you to protect yourself and your mates on site with a wide range of tools and compatible attachments to reduce exposure to dust. The Bosch range includes vacuums, accessories, grinding attachments, cutting attachments, demolition and drilling attachments with three vacuums, including a 35-litre M-class, 55-litre M-class and a 35-litre L-class for both wet and dry applications.

The vacuums have an easy-to-change HEPA filter, high suction force with a powerful 1380 watts, and L-Boxx integration for storage and transport on top of the vacuum. There’s also automatic filter cleaning every 15 seconds, and constant suction power for continuous work progress and less dust on site.

Accessories for dust extraction cover every tool and application in grinding, cutting, drilling and demolition. These accessories include grinding shrouds, SpeedCLEAN drill bits and demolition attachments.

SpeedCLEAN drill bits allow dust to be extracted from the drill hole while drilling, resulting in reduced airborne dust, faster drilling capabilities and the removal of brush and blow.

Find your ultimate dust solution with a range of tools, attachments and accessories from Bosch.

Know your local laws and regulations, always wear the correct PPE and move towards a dust-free worksite today with Bosch pro-guard dust solutions. Get site-compliant and shop the full dust range now at Total Tools.

For more information head to www.bosch-pt.com.au/ au/en/dust-solutions

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