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Bosch Professional Grl 600 Chv & Grl 350 Hv Rotational Lasers

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Two red-beam rotational lasers engineered for internal and external levelling on site, however, they’re very different measuring tools.

The Bosch Professional GRL 600 CHV is designed more specifically around large-scale commercial sites measuring up to 600 metres in diameter range; whereas the GRL 350 HV is a rotational laser better suited for smaller residential areas, with up to 350 metres in diameter range. Both measuring tools are guaranteed to offer exceptional measuring assistance on site.

Introducing the new 18V rotating laser – GRL 600 CHV – from Bosch Professional Measuring Tools. When it comes to saving time, simplicity of use, quality, precision & accuracy, the Bosch GRL 600 CHV takes the cake.

This rotating measuring tool will make life easy for all concreters, landscapers and other tradies measuring up jobsites. Its durable design offers impact protection of up to 2m and has an IP68 rating against dust and water – including the battery compartment – for highly flexible work in poor weather conditions. Fear less about damaging your laser and focus more on getting the job done.

The GRL 600 CHV provides convenient connectivity, enabling more focused work and less wasted time. Operating the tool is intuitive thanks to its screen and access to the Levelling Remote app that visualises all functions, including a dialling in dual-slope. Experience extremely long runtime with the choice of using either the 18V battery system or alkaline batteries included with an adapter for non-stop, continuous working.

This highly accurate laser is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, particularly when determining cut-and-fill excavation work, concrete forms, largeformat landscaping, façade or ceiling work.

The GRL 600 CHV also includes a remote (RC 6) and a high quality receiver (LR 60) with a 125mm reception area, a dual-sided display and an offset feature in millimetres. Calibrating the tool is quick and easy. Follow the step-by-step instructions via the Levelling Remote app to save time, resources and ensure accurate results on every job. Use the handy ‘mask mode’ available in the app to avoid reflection and interference with other devices on the jobsite.

Learn more: https://www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/products/grl-600-chv-0601061F40

Using the Bosch Blue Professional GRL 350 HV Rotational Laser on site is certainly one way to get your mates jealous.

This rotary laser is designed for both horizontal and vertical applications and features manual dual-grade settings to change both the X and Y axis on site.

What does this mean?
Situations where the user may need to calculate a point of intersection often used for drainage can now be carried out by quickly adjusting the grade of two separate slopes directly from the unit.

The GRL 350 HV gets the job done for excavation work, footings/foundations/concrete forms, alignment of interior walls during framing, alignments of electrical outlets and conduits, and drop ceiling installations. It’s the perfect tool for general contractors, concrete contractors, landscapers, and site foremen. The GRL 350 HV has also been equipped with an improved working range of 350m (diameter) and operates with an accuracy of ±0.05mm/m*(horizontal) and ±0.1mm/30m* (vertical). Additionally, the laser offers three variable spin speeds and scan-angle selection offering better visibility in various lighting conditions. Overall, the GRL 350 HV provides users with a laser that is even more flexible and dependable for all job-sites.

The ‘ver tical plumb point’ allows a ver tical beam for a multitude of applications, including layout, squaring and plumb applications. The rotary laser also includes a built-in disturbance monitor or shock warning function to provide the user with an audible tone in case the tool is accidentally moved or bumped out of level. The measuring tool also features Electronic Self-Levelling for easy set up and use on the worksite.

While championing accuracy, ease of use, vertical plumb point and self-levelling with manual dual slope, the GRL 350 HV Rotary Laser also has a robust design and is tough all around. The tool is now equipped with a bright new red metal cage and glass housing to prevent damage to the laser and has been rated IP 56 (excluding) against dust and water to withstand some of the harshest job-site conditions.

The rotary laser also comes with a Laser Receiver (LR 30) which is easy and intuitive to use.

The obvious LED indicators on the face of the receiver enable simple operation with direction of up and down. On the left of the LED indicators is the detection area which enables laser reception. The accuracy button adjusts the receiving sensitivity and measuring accuracy with ‘fine’ and ‘medium’ adjustment options. The laser receiver also features built-in magnets for secure attachment to metal surfaces. Lastly, the speaker with Adjustable Audio Indicator provides clear signal of on-grade position.

Learn More: https://www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/products/grl-350-hv-0601061S40

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