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Bosch Professional 12V MultiCutter (GWS 12V-76)

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BOSCH 12V SYSTEM Lightweight, compact and versatile, Bosch Professional 12V tools cover a range of applications specialising in timber, metal and measuring products. The lightweight, high-capacity battery used on the platform means there’s no need for compromise, and all Bosch 12V and 10.8V batteries from 2005 can still be used on the newest tools. Bosch 12V offers real power and unreal size. Versatile And Easy To Use: The Gws 12v-76 Small Angle Grinder

One of the standout tools in the range is the 12V Multi Cutter, the GWS 12V-76.

Taking 76mm discs and reaching speeds of 19,500rpm, the ergonomically designed GWS 12V-76 can take a wide range of accessories, making it the most manageable and versatile small-form Angle Grinder/Multi Cutter. The GWS 12V-76 is designed to do fast cuts in multi-material applications, and is perfect for sparkies and plumbers looking to cut down their effort and time spent on what could be quick-cut jobs – like cutting out cable channels or cutting down threaded bars.

Combined with the Multi-Material Carbide blade, you can use it for shortening PVC pipes, plastic cutting applications and wood applications. For other trades and jobs, the GWS 12V-76 can also be used to cut ceramics or flooring, extending it from just an angle grinder to a comprehensive multi cutter that’s a must for your tool bag.

When it comes to accessories, the GWS 12V-76 Multi Cutter takes 76mm discs – an industry standard – meaning there’s plenty of options and many applications and materials covered. Changing discs is also easy thanks to the spindle-lock feature: once the spindle is fully locked and the disc is ready to be removed or installed, you don’t need to constantly hold down the lock button. This leaves both hands free and reduces fatigue and strain.


Continuing the focus on safety that Bosch puts into much of its range, the 12V Multi Cutter features an electronic brake so you can put it down sooner without the risk of damaging work or it kicking back at you.

When using the 12V Multi Cutter, safety again is front and centre with its guard that can be swivelled around without the need for an extra tool, meaning no matter what angle you cut from you’re protected from sparks or debris.

Why You Need to Get onto The Bosch Platform Now!

Bosch Professional prides itself on delivering high-quality and durable tools and batteries, all backed by a 6-year warranty – including the GWS 12V Multi Cutter and the rest of the Bosch 12V range – making it a platform worth investing in. Sparkies and plumbers will really benefit from the versatility and size of the 12V tool range, but the 12V measuring system really opens this platform up to all tradies out there. Any tradie who values safety, quality and power when getting their jobs done to a high standard should make this a must-have.

Check out the range at www.bosch-professional.com.au or at your local Authorised Bosch Retailer.

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