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Bosch Procore 18v

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Bosch Professional Power Tools launches its most powerful battery ever.

Introducing the most compact high performance 18V battery packs on the market. Upgraded Lithium- Ion cell technology, improved battery construction and advanced heat management systems mean Bosch ProCORE18V battery packs deliver true cordless freedom on today’s jobsite.

For the trades, Bosch ProCORE18V batteries mean more power, more runtime and longer life than ever before.


At the heart of the new battery packs lies the 21700 Lithium-Ion cell, the latest generation in Lithium-Ion technology. While this new cell maintains a similar size and weight to its predecessor, the 18650, it now allows delivery of over 87% more power compared to older battery packs. This has allowed Bosch to launch a 3-battery platform within the ProCORE18V Li-Ion range: 4.0Ah, 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah. Each is more compact and more powerful than the market has ever seen. However, the latest in lithium battery technology is only the beginning of the ProCORE18V story. Bosch has continually been a leader in power-tool battery reliability, lifetime and runtime, and much of this is due to their COOLpack battery housing. This is where Bosch next looked to advance its system.


Heat is the number one enemy of batteries and the harder they work the hotter they get. Bosch has developed a unique solution to manage heat and it’s called COOLpack 2.0, a patented thermoplastic housing which now encases each cell within the battery pack and minimises air space between cells.

The COOLpack housing draws heat away from each cell to the outside of the battery pack to reduce the internal temperature and allow it to run cooler for longer. With this system Bosch ProCORE18V battery packs can now deliver more power for longer by managing heat more effectively.


COOLpack 2.0 also has benefits during the charging process. The batteries require less cooling from the fan-forced chargers and can therefore charge faster. With COOL pack 2.0 the ProCORE18V battery packs deliver 135% longer battery lifetime over other batteries, giving higher productivity and less downtime. The battery construction has also been improved though the use of copper cell connectors and laser-welding techniques. Copper connectors have a lower resistance to maximize the transfer of current and improve power output. They also conduct heat more effectively, adding to the performance of the battery pack. Bosch also purpose built laser-welding machines for the ProCORE18V project and this has delivered better connections, durability and energy efficiencies.


The ProCORE18V battery range has been designed and engineered in Germany and has kept the user and application front of mind and comes in three sizes.

Starting with the Compact ProCORE18V GBA 4.0Ah, a Single Layer battery pack. Comparable in size to current 2.0Ah packs but offering the power of 4.0Ah, meaning less weight for the user.

Next is the ProCORE18V GBA 8.0Ah Double Layer which retains similar size and weight of today’s 6.0Ah cells. These battery packs are able to produce over 87% more power and are suitable for a broader range of applications, including power-intensive site applications such as grinding and cutting

Finally, the ProCORE18V GBA 12.0Ah Triple Layer battery pack. It’s designed for high-draw power tools and applications, and provides users with unmatched runtime and power.


The Flexible Power System from Bosch ensures all ProCORE18V battery packs are 100% compatible with the entire Bosch Professional 18V range, with over 85 products on the platform. Current users of Bosch 18V products will benefit with a 25% increase in performance and power from their current tools just by switching to ProCORE18V packs.

The new Bosch ProCORE18V battery range will be launching in Australia in September 2018 and is set to revolutionize the cordless- tool market. ProCORE18V batteries will be available at all Bosch retailers.

For more information visit http://www.bosch-pt.com.au

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