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Bosch GWS 18V-15 C BITURBO Grinder

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The GWS  18 V-15  C  B I T U R B O grinder from Bosch has some big improvements. The new BITURBO brushless motor, in combination with a 8.0ah and 12.0ah ProCORE18V battery, produces up to 1500W of equivalent corded power. Speed has increased by 20% and cutting by 50% compared to the GWS 18V-10C.

It’s not just power and performance that stand out in this BITURBO grinder. Bosch’s full host of safety features and end-user comfort and efficiency designs are all included: drop control, restart protection, kickback control, great ergonomics, brake and toolless disc change.

While the new BITURBO tools are optimised to run on ProCORE18V 8.0ah and 12.0ah for extra power, they are fully compatible with all Bosch 18V batteries.

Test #1: Biturbo Power

I figured the best place to start our BITURBO tests was to jump straight into a power comparison between the new GWS 18V-15 C BITURBO grinder and its predecessor, the GWS 18V-10.

I grabbed a chunk of structural steel and fitted a new metal-cutting disk to each grinder. I fired up the GWS 18V-10, started cutting, and then began leaning on the tool to put extra pressure on the blade. After a few seconds of increasing pressure I could hear the motor start to struggle with the extra load. I repeated this several times and the motor behaved identically each time. I know you wouldn’t typically use a grinder like this, but it was about testing the power and ability of both grinders under load.

Next, I put the BITURBO model to the test. It did feel pretty powerful straight off the bat with its significantly increased, 11,000rpm no-load speed. When it came time to apply the pressure I was impressed. Even serious pressure wouldn’t slow the BITURBO motor at all.

After many more attempts with increased loads applied I was left with the undeniable conclusion there is a substantial increase in power on the BITURBO tool.

I did eventually manage to slow the BITURBO motor when I pretty much put my entire 105kg bodyweight on the blade. It didn’t stop, but it slowed a little. To be fair, we were talking about a ridiculously heavy application of weight.

The new BITURBO system is a beast.

Test#2: Safety Features

Next was a test of the safety features.

Drop Control was first on the list, and in a pretty straightforward exercise I dropped the grinder on concrete with the blade spinning. It instantly stopped the blade rotation on impact, removing the risk of the grinder bouncing up into the shins of the user and cutting the legs.

The next test was the kickback control, designed to stop the grinder from kicking back into the user if the material being cut folds over and bites on the blade and causes it to jump back suddenly. A lot of tradies have been injured in this way.

To test this feature I cut into the steel and angled the blade within the cut to replicate the steel folding over. After angling the blade several times – not enough to risk the blade shattering – the kickback control activated and the power was instantly cut off.

  • 125mm disc size
  • M14 spindle
  • 11,000rpm no-load speed
  • Weight (no battery): 2.2kg
  • Weight (with battery): 3.2kg

The last part of Bosch’s trio of safety features is restart protection. This feature is designed to make sure the only way the grinder can be restarted after stopping with the switch in the ‘on’ position – after either changing a battery or one of the other safety features being activated – is by flicking the trigger into the ‘off’ position then returning it to the ‘on’ position.

  • 50% faster cutting
  • 20% speed increase
  • 1500W equivalent power
  • Kickback control
  • Drop Control
  • Braking system

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

From the slimline grip and anti-vibration handle to the impressive braking system this grinder was a pleasure to use. It felt so good and well-controlled that the extra power seemed effortless to handle. I can’t think of a single trade that wouldn’t be anything but grateful and impressed with this massive power and speed increase. Metal fabricators, carpenters, electricians and plumbers will love this huge step forward.

Well done Bosch. I love BITURBO already.

Learn more, visit www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/biturbo/

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