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Bosch GSB 18V-150 C Hammer Drill

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Bosch’s BITURBO range has been making waves with its brushless motor al lowing tools to draw maximum power from one 18V battery, so there is no need for dual or multiple batteries on one tool. Bosch BITURBO can achieve up to 2000W corded equivalent power from one ProCORE18V battery. It’s optimised for ProCORE18V batteries, but compatible with all 18V tools running on the existing Bosch Professional 18V battery platform.

For unleashing the maximum power of BITURBO tools, use a ProCORE18V 8.0Ah or 12.0Ah battery.

This new GSB 18V-150 C hammer drill has been independently tested by DERKA and certified as the world’s strongest hammer drill in its category. Punching out a massive 150Nm of torque and 2200rpm, this hammer drill doesn’t rely on just its world-leading power. Bosch really has thrown everything at it, with another world-first: Electronic Angle Detection – a system which ensures the right angle of long screws. There’s also Switchable Kickback Control to reduce the risk of sudden rotational torque reaction and offer excellent tool control. That becomes vital as the tool’s power increases, but the fact the system can be switched off for certain tasks is equally important.

I’d better start with explaining the HMI set up.

On the foot of the drill, above the battery, is the menu for HMI which shows important info. A red colour bar indicates the tool and/or battery is overheated or empty, for instance, or kickback control has been activated. If the bar turns yellow, the tool-and-batterytemperature is critical or Switchable Kickback Control is turned off. If the bar turns green it’s an indication the tool is good to go. The blue bar shows the GSB 18V-150 C is connected via Bluetooth to a smart phone, and other features like Electronic Angle Detection are also controlled from there.

TEST #2: 150NM!
The next test was all about the power and I visited one of my good mates, Benny Fox, of Fox & Co.

Ben was working on an extension where a slab had just gone down, and he was putting up the metal structure and framework. The slab needed 12mm starter bars and various other drill holes.

The normal choice of tool for this type of work would be a dedicated rotary hammer drill. A normal drill would just scream at you, not go anywhere and burn out the drill tip.

The Bosch GSB 18V-150 C hammer drill proved to be a vastly different experience.

“I could feel the power instantly,” explained Ben. “But also, I could feel a different motion or mechanism with the Bosch. It felt and sounded different, and the difference was evident in its performance as the 12mm bit sunk easily into the slab.

“The drill didn’t feel like it was being overworked, either. When I fired up the spade bit, 25mm auger and hole saw, I was just blown away with the all-round power and performance.”

Kickback Control is an excellent feature to reduce the risk of sudden twisting, possibly injuring the operator and probably risking damaging the job. But there are times using certain tools and accessories – like hole saws – where you want to be able to turn off this safety feature. The switching is easy to find on the HMI and automatically turns back on after the drill has been inactive for five minutes.

Electronic Angle Detection is an exciting new technology whereby you tell the drill what angle you want to drill via the HMI, then sit the drill on the rafter or timber you’re planning to drill. This process sets the angle or pitch of the work area. From there you are ready to drill, and the tool will give you a yellow light at the back of the drill that turns green when you find the pre-set angle selected, guiding your screw in at the correct angle.

The drill is pre-set to 90 degrees with the choice of 90, 60 or 45 degrees, but through the Bosch Toolbox app you can choose any angle.

Roofers in particular will love this feature.

With more features and review-worthy standouts than I have space to include on these pages, all I can say is this is possibly one of the best hammer drills I have ever tested.

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in store or online.

Visit: www.bosch-pt.com.au

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