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Bosch GRL 600 CHV 18V Rotating Laser

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Thanks to the team at Bosch, life has just become a great deal easier for concreters, landscapers and other tradies looking to achieve precise dual- slope measurements.

The GRL 600 CHV is a 600m 18V rotating laser that has been engineered to withstand extremely tough on-site conditions. From poor weather, bright lighting or even a fall from a tripod tip over, this unit can handle it all. The feather in the cap of this new tool has the ability to dial in the required grade of both the X & Y axes, making possible more applications than ever before.

This is Bosch’s first 18V measuring tool and offers up to 60 hours run time on a ProCORE18V 4.0Ah battery. The laser is also compatible with all Bosch 18V batteries up to the 8.0Ah ProCORE18V (Excludes 12.0Ah ProCORE18V). Although, if you’re caught short with no 18V Bosch batteries at hand, the laser will give 70-hours runtime on four D-cell alkaline batteries.

When you crack open the box there’s a pile of accessories with the GRL 600 CHV, including:

  • LR 60 laser receiver
  • RB 60 receiver bracket
  • RC6 remote control
  • Red laser glasses
  • Red target plate
  • Batteries
  • Wall mount plate and more.

Pretty much every thing needed to achieve precise and accurate dual-slope levels is included.

  • 18V battery system
  • Levelling accuracy: ±0.05mm/m
  • Working range with receiver: 600m
  • Beam colour: red
  • IP 68
  • Laser class: 2
  • Warranty: 6 years

The GRL 600 CHV’s ease of use is a highlight. Looking at the front LCD screen, you can find all the buttons needed to access all of the laser’s many features. Dialling dual slopes is as simple as pressing either the X or Y button and dialling up or down to the desired pitch or slope.

Test #1: Usability

This rotating red laser interface has been simplified to allow the user speed and ease of functionality. The front face has well laid-out buttons which will enable you to easily self-level, adjust rotational speed (150/300/600min-1), adjust the scan angle for line operation (0º/10º/25º/50º), and adjust the single/dual-slope operating range up to 8.5%. Features that have previously proven complicated and difficult to use are now straightforward and simple.

Test #2: Precision And Accuracy

Different tasks require different levels of accuracy. The LR 60 receiver has all the features needed for pinpoint accuracy from its 125mm oversized detection window, indication of the beam visible in either mm or inches, an accuracy button adjusts the sensitivity of the receiver depending on the task at hand, and a receiver vial helps ensure you’re holding the receiver straight. A push of the centre-line button provides the working slope, and a second window on the rear of the receiver and six well-placed magnets combine to provide exact and precise readings.

To fur ther assist the user working independently, the RC 6 remote is the perfect tool to allow using all the functions you would be able to access if you were standing right beside the laser itself, including sleep mode, rotation direction, slope pitch and sweep angle selection.

But if you want you can use your smartphone to access the Levelling Remote app by simply turning on your Bluetooth and pairing with the laser.

Test #3: Ip 68 Rating Explained

The GRL 600 CHV is IP 68 rated. That sounds impressive, right? But do you know what that rating means?

The highest level possible is IP 69, which means it provides rated protection against everything from dust to close range, high- powered water jets. To explain further, the first digit refers to protection from solid objects. A rating of 0 provides no protection, 1 offers protection from solids greater than 50mm in size which then ranges all the way up to 6 for complete dust ingress protection. The second digit refers to protection from water. For example, 0 offers no protection, 1 protection from dripping water, 3 protection from spraying water and 8 being protection for immersion up to 1m in depth for a period of time.

On top of the dust and water protection, the laser is also rated to survive a 2-metre drop.

  • Dual axis slope %
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Variable sweep setting

To test this, we set the unit up on its tripod and let it topple into the dirt. It was kind of heartbreaking to treat such an awesome laser that way, but it was all a part of the testing process.

The Laser held up to our drop test exceptionally well. After dusting it off and resetting it on the tripod it levelled perfectly and was back in action in no time.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

This impressive dual-slope rotary laser from Bosch was simple to use and extremely accurate and well built. With a 300-metre range radius, or 600-metre diameter, this laser will excel on even the harshest of Australian commercial and residential worksites. Bosch has managed several impressive firsts, along with fantastic usability, in this ground- breaking new rotary laser.

To know more visit www.bosch-pt.com.au

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