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Bosch GCM 18V-216 Biturbo And Brushless Mitre Saw

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The Bosch GCM 18V-216 mitre saw is the first of the 18V range from Bosch to lead the market with BITURBO.

The BITURBO motor provides unmatched power in the 18V market, truly enabling the user to remove the cord. Pairing the Bosch mitre saw with the BITURBO motor equates to maximum performance and ultimate runtime. The GCM 18V-216 has proven cutting results with up to 377 cuts per charge on an 8.0Ah battery1. The 216mm mitre saw sets a new standard for cutting depth at 70mm x 270mm, making it the largest in its class. With 47 degrees mitre range and 45 degrees for bevel, accurate and clean cuts are easily achievable. The 216mm mitre saw is the ideal option for the widest range of applications on site and the lightweight body with a carry handle give excellent site mobility.

What Is Biturbo?

BITURBO brushless-motor technology is the latest development in cordless power on the BOSCH 18V power-tool system. The motor has been designed to run on Bosch’s ProCORE18V battery technology, which enables a power output of up to 1800W on some of the latest tools coming through. Forget about the expense of a dual-battery system, the BITURBO motor has been specifically designed to generate maximum power from a single battery. This also keeps your weight down, preventing fatigue and keeping you safe.

Back To The Saw

The standout feature of the BITURBO brushless motor and the massive cutting capacity are just the beginning for this new saw. A keyless blade change has been added to allow a fast and uncomplicated blade change to adapt to the different materials being used on site. This SDS blade change is the only saw on the market with this unique screw feature for single-handed blade changes.

The GCM 18V-216 mitre saw also has an adjustable guide fence for safe bevelling cuts and laser guidelines for the cutting accuracy. The saw is easy to use with a smooth, sliding function and dust collection for efficient cleaning up on site. The tool includes a dust bag, material clamp, SDS saw-blade change, insert plates and a saw blade.


Get the cordless BITURBO GCM 18V-216 mitre saw now at Total Tools or Bunnings, RRP $799. The GCM 18V-216 mitre saw is the first product in the BITURBO range. Look out for more new BITURBO tools in 2020.

For more information, head to the website www.bosch-pt.com.au

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