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Bosch Circular-Saw Blades

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New and improved Bosch circular-saw blades are making their way into stores.

Specifically designed for the Australian market, the new blue packaging makes blade selection easy. The five cutting application categories of General Purpose, Cordless Wood, Multi-Material, Ferrous Metal and Fibre Cement are colour coded for easy identification, and the back of the packaging features a user-friendly guide that categorises which material each blade is suitable to cut.

The blades now have a functional blue coating which reduces friction and gumming, placing less load on the tool. Not only does this increase the lifetime of corded saws, but it extends battery life on cordless saws, meaning more cuts per charge. Each blade features high-quality carbide teeth that provide faster, smoother cuts and, due to the dimensionally stable and hardened steel body of the blades, guarantee a precise and stable cut through any application.

Get your hands on a new Bosch circular-saw blade, now available at Total Tools, Blackwoods and Mitre 10.

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