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Bosch Bulldog & Bulldog Xtreme Drill Bits

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Bosch Professional Bulldog & Bulldog Xtreme have the largest and most comprehensive range of SDS carbide-head concrete drill bits in Australia.

When choosing SDS concrete drilling accessories, the rule of thumb to follow is: ‘if the brand does not manufacture its own carbide and its own product, it isn’t in the game’. Carbide is one of the hardest and most wear-resistant metals that withstands physical stress, impact, deformation, high temperatures, corrosion and high pressure, and therefore increases the life of accessories dramatically. Bosch is the only powertool company worldwide manufacturing its own carbide. That allows Bosch to produce carbide blends based on user needs and applications.

The game changer.
Bosch Bulldog concrete drill bits each have a 4-cutter tungsten-carbide head, allowing the drill bit to power its way through concrete with rebar and hold an exceptional lifetime. The 4-cutter tungstencarbide geometry prevents the drill bit from getting stuck in rebar while drilling, therefore the drill-bit head will not break. The big benefit is paying the price of a 2-cutter for a 4-cutter drill-bit head.

In addition to the carbide head, Bosch Bulldog drill bits have a centering tip enabling a deep and a stable position throughout the entire drilling process. Bulldog drill bits also feature large and short dust-removal channels, providing fast dust removal while maintaining the highest drilling speed. Achieve less wear, minimised dust build-up and powerful force through concrete with rebar with Bosch Bulldog dill bits.

The strongest drill bit in concrete with rebar – the Bosch Bulldog Xtreme.

These SDS drill bits feature a full tungstencarbide head with an extraordinary lifetime and resistance in reinforced concrete. Not all 4-cutters are created equal – the Bosch Bulldog Xtreme drill bits are made different, giving 3 times the life compared to standard solid carbide-head drill bits. The ‘diffusion bond welding’ creates an extra strong bond between the flute and head allowing for the whole drill bit to handle high stress and eliminate the vulnerability of brittleness and cracks evident when using other brands who typically use partially embedded carbide.

As with the Bulldog, the Bulldog Xtreme also features a centering tip with an even sharper 90-degree angle, as well as the 4-flute design effectively removing dust build-up in the hole. Last, there is the handy visible ‘wear mark’ on the carbide head, assisting in indicating if the diameter of the hole is still in tolerance for anchor setting.

The Bulldog Xtreme full carbide-head drill bit is available in sizes up to 16mm in diameter (full carbide-head only, embedded carbide is up to 32mm diameter), with Bosch stocking the largest range of concrete drill bits in the Aussie market.

When it comes to quality, innovation and vastly longer lifetime compared to standard products, Bosch delivers on all fronts. Bosch is the only power-tools producer in the world to make its own tungsten carbide in-house, therefore creating blends of carbide specifically designed for concrete drilling. Backed with 40+ years of experience in designing high-quality accessories, and being the inventor of the SDS system, while continuing to innovate in this space.

Learn More: bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/masonry-concrete-drill-bits-2593056-ocs-ac/

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