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The new blue beast is here.

The Bosch GCM 8 SDE Professional is the latest offering in the 8″ (216mm) sliding mitre saw class, and what a beast it is! From first sight and touch you’ll see and feel the quality in the build and know it’s German engineering at its best. The introduction of the variable speed selector is a great feature which allows the choice of the right speed (RPM) for different materials, giving better and more efficient cuts. The Dual Bevel setting allows a tilt of 47° to both left and right with easy adjustments thanks to the Bevel Detent Turrets (pre-set angle stops). The SDS system gives quick and easy, tool-free blade changes.

All in all this is one very handy mitre saw indeed, ticking all the boxes for demanding Aussie tradies.


The powerful 1600w motor has an impressive soft-start feature which eliminates the initial kick, and once the motor ramps up to full speed it purrs so smoothly. The no-load speed comes in at 3500-5000rpm depending on which rate is selected on the dial. The speed selector now allows the user to cut plastics, non-ferrous metals and timbers at the correct speed, giving greater longevity of saw blades and cleaner cuts. That’s a double win in my book.

The considerable cutting capacity gives 0° cuts of 70mm x 312mm, 45° mitres of 70mm x 214mm and 45° incline of 48mm x 312mm which will do most of your day-to-day sized materials.

The saw is very accurate thanks to the laser guide and produces extremely clean cuts in all the different materials we tested. The speed selector is a massive feature. Cutting alloy is now so much better.


The Bosch weighs in at 18.5kg and has a very comfortable dedicated handle for transporting. Getting the saw out of the back of the car or van was a piece of cake, so was carrying it on to the site. Set up is a breeze, with all the quick-release parts getting the saw ready in seconds. The bevel detents get cuts set up super quick and swapping between angles and bevels was extremely simple and fast. The zero-degree bevel bump stop (on/off slider) gets back to zero without thinking or double checking the bevel angle, and that saves a bit of downtime when constantly swapping between the bevel and straight cuts.


The Bosch GCM 8 SDE Professional packs impressive power along with great features. It’s a magnificent all-round mitre saw.

The speed selection is a definite winner. Setting up mitres and bevels has never been easier and the precision guide laser is nice and bright and extremely accurate. The dust extraction also sucks from two points on the saw, so the workplace stays clean. The SDS quick-change blades are a great new feature, too. Compact, powerful and very versatile, this is a great all-round saw with excellent build quality and is robust for demanding site conditions.

Accurate and clean cuts all day long.

Visit: www.bosch-pt.com.au

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