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Bosch 18V Lighting Range

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Introducing the latest addition to the expanding Bosch 18V lighting range, the GLI 18V-1200 C and GLI 18V-2200 C. Both these beauties are loaded with features, lightweight, and, most importantly, durable. They’re perfect for the job site or the campsite.

The GLI 18V-1200C packs an awesome 1200 lumens of brightness, powered by 12 LEDs. The light has been designed for every trade, with a waterproof and dustproof rating (IP64) to back this up. A protective sealing and battery cover ensure dust and water are kept out for work under almost any conditions. The durable and unique design allows the user to angle the light in any direction, making it perfect for use in particularly tight areas like under houses and in roofs. The Bluetooth connection module gives the user full control of the light via the MyTools feature in the Bosch ToolBox app. Just touch the phone to turn the light on and off and control the brightness.

The LEDs in the 1200C provide a massive run-time bonus for Bosch, which produces up to 130 minutes per Ah. That’s over 17 hours from the 8.0Ah ProCORE18V battery.

In addition to the 1200C, the GLI 18V-2200 floodlight really steps this up, putting out 2200 lumens of lighting power.

The ¼” thread at the bottom of both lights allows them to be easily mounted to a tripod system, perfect for multiple lights in a large workspace.

The GLI 18V-1200C and GLI 18V-2200C are great new additions to the Bosch range.

For more information head to www. bosch-pt.com.au

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