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Bocar Bullbars

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A bullbar is designed to protect your vehicle and its passengers, but they also allow you to mount other crucial 4×4 vehicle safety accessories.

Purchasing a bullbar will add a certain amount of style to your vehicle and protect you from an otherwise unavoidable amount of damage in most situations.

Bocar bullbars are rigorously tested to ensure they are ADR (Australian Design Rule) compliant before going into production. They are also thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with your vehicle’s existing safety features, including airbags, parking sensors, radar technology and DRLs (daytime running lights).

While all the mentioned style and safety gains alone are well worth the investment, the benefits don’t stop there. Adding a bullbar gives you the ability to add other accessories with their own safety features. Take a good quality set of driving lights for example, which will light up the road and reduce fatigue on those long night-time hauls. Or the included antenna tab so you can add a decent CB radio to keep in touch. Not to mention the bullbar’s in-built winch compatibility and high-lift jacking points to get you out of any sticky situation.

So, while a bull bar will add a certain amount of ‘cool factor’ and protection to your vehicle, there are many safety features to consider when making this significant investment.

For more information about Bocar bullbars please visit www.bocar.com.au

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