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Bocar Alloy Deluxe Tray Plus Accessories

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When a tradie purchases a new work vehicle, the next item on the list is usually a trade-specific tray with secure tool storage and accessories like ladder racks, under-tray storage and trundle trays.

But it’s not just about having somewhere to store your tools. It’s about keeping them safe and secure, so everything is locked up and ready to go for work the following morning. Bocar has made this exact area its specialty since the 1970s and has made meeting the needs of all trades its focus.

As much Bocar’s range has usually involved the back end of most work vehicles, with high-quality aluminium trays and heavy-duty mounting systems, these days Bocar also offers an impressive front bull bar. Apart from being built like a Sherman tank, the bar also looks incredibly cool with its stylish, black, powder-coated finish. It also offers next-level protection to your much-loved work ute and, more importantly, additional safety to those inside the vehicle.

The bars have been thoroughly tested to meet Australian Design Rules and are fully compatible with your vehicle’s existing safety features, including airbags, parking sensors, radar technology and DRLs (daytime running lights).

While all the mentioned style and safety gains alone are well worth the investment, the benefits don’t stop there. Adding a bull bar allows fitting other accessories with their own safety features. Tack on a good quality set of driving lights, for example, which will light up the road and reduce fatigue on those long night-time hauls, and the included antenna tab means you can add a decent CB radio to keep in touch. And there’s also the bull bar’s in-built winch compatibility and high-lift jacking points to get you out of any sticky situation.

Top-Shelf Aussie Build Quality

Australian worksites and tradies need products designed and built for our demanding work environments – something the team at Bocar is aware of. The aluminium trays are built tough right here in Australia, from the tailgate right through to the 76mm, welded, alloy-mesh headboard.

Bocar recognised very early in the piece a tradie’s tools are the backbone of their livelihood, so Bocar genuine toolboxes are constructed from quality, thick alloy 2.5mm chequer plate, and are water and dust resistant. For added security, only stainless-steel T Locks, hinges and chains, along with heavy-duty gas struts, are used.

Constructed with high-quality, smooth TIG welding, the toolboxes are tough and built to last, with generous dimensions of H820mm x D530mm x W1500mm, and include one height-adjustable shelf.

Of course, you can easily add additional shelves if needed.

Rear Ladder Rack

A strength of the Bocar brand is its impressive range of accessories, the most recognisable being the 76mm removable rear ladder rack. With a satin finish, the rack looks the goods but equally matches its appearance with strength and practicality. Load-holding pins being spaced 1200mm apart allows for easy and secure transport of most material boards.

  • Suitable for single cab, dual cab or extra cab
  • Stainless-steel construction T-locks
  • Stainless-steel hinges
  • Stainless-steel chains
  • Heavy duty gas struts

Every Tradie Deserves A Heavy-Duty Trundle Tray!

The amount of tools tradies require day-to-day always seems to be increasing.

Bocar has well and truly addressed this need with two options in the trundle-tray department. There’s a 6ft (1800mm) and 7ft (2100mm) heavy-duty trundle draw in its impressive line-up, which also includes a three-point stainless-steel Tlocking system and a complimentary anti-slip mat lining the entire drawer floor.

Water Tank & Soap Dispenser

Staying true to its mission to make the most of every available space, the under-the-tray area just behind the rear wheel can serve several purposes. The space can hold a water tank, moulded from thick PVC, which includes an integrated tap (right side only) and soap/sunscreen/hand sanitiser dispenser. Or the same space can offer yet another storage area.

  • 2-year (40,000km) warranty
  • Aluminium construction body
  • Welded alloy mesh 76mm headboard
  • Alloy mud guards, rubber mud flaps
  • Storage boxes built from thick alloy chequer plate

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Durability, longevity and intelligent design are precisely what is required when purchasing a tray system, and that seems to be just what Bocar has delivered. This range of products shows a solid understanding of what the Australian market demands, and I guess being in the game since the ’70s has given Bocar plenty of time to get its products just right.

For more information visit www.bocar.com.au

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