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BOC Raptor 200 Multiprocess Welder

by editor

BOC’s RAPTOR 200 Multiprocess is a three-in-on  welder which offers MIG-MAG, TIG and MMA welding  with an option to perform gas or gasless MIG welding.

BOC’s RAPTOR 200 Multiprocess is a three-in-one welder which offers MIG-MAG, TIG and MMA welding, with an option to perform gas or gasless MIG welding.

The RAPTORs are compact and lightweight, with excellent build quality and functionality, and that makes them a perfect option for both the workshop or onsite, delivering world-class power and performance at a price that welders, tradies and DIYers will truly appreciate.

We headed down to SWAT Fabrications in Mona Vale for Jimmy Sullman to give the RAPTOR a solid test run.

It was obvious watching Jimmy set up the 200 Multiprocess Raptor that this was significantly quicker process compared to other machines he had tested. A newcomer to welding would still be required to watch a tutorial first, just to understand the internals of the machine, the basics of wire delivery and setting up the machine with the correct running gear and so forth, but Jimmy’s experience meant all that was done in no time.

When it came to actually using the RAPTOR, Jimmy first prepared some 2mm-3mm mild steel for a fillet weld. After tacking the steel in place he ran a great-looking weld after just one or two small adjustments to reduce some minor splatter.

We were both very impressed when we stood back and inspected the quality of the first weld. It was near perfect. “The RAPTOR’s been out of its box for no more than 20 minutes,” marvelled Jimmy, “and we have just produced a very nicelooking weld.

“The simplicity of the control panel and the intuitive nature of the adjustments is what makes this machine so easy to use. It produced excellent arc stability, and the fact it’s so easy to make inductance adjustments to produce a smoother arc with less splatter is a huge bonus.

“The provided torch is quality and felt great to use also.”

As the name of the RAPTOR Multiprocessor suggests, it is a 200-amp machine designed for MIG MAG, stick and TIG use. Weighing in at only 11kg, it’s still easy to pick up and move around the workshop or site, but in terms of amperage, it’s got some impressive juice.

Asking Jimmy about the welding process as he was stepping up in the thickness of mild steel he said, “As the first weld on the 3mm mild steel was such a success we next jumped up to 6mm mild steel. I did turn the power of the machine up a little to about 65% percent to get a bit more heat in there. Again, it took seconds to adjust the controls and the quality of the weld. As you can see in the photos the result was excellent.

“Looking to really see what the machine could do, we next grabbed a 10mm plate and section of tube for what a residential builder might be looking to create for steel framework. For this test I ramped the RAPTOR up to around 80% of its capacity. The machine again performed beautifully on a section of 10mm-12mm material I felt was going to really test its capability.

“I’ve got to say this machine has impressed.”

There is a pile of good to speak about on the RAPTOR 200 Multiprocessor. For example, it’s suitable for additional power from 15-amp outlets. The unit has built-in thermal protection which stops the machine from operating outside its safe working zone, and can 2T/4T spot weld. The Binzel-style MB15 torch included has a full range of replacement parts in store if needed down the track.

The only ugly to speak of would be the wobbly welds from my novice hands. But with a machine like the RAPTOR 200 Multiprocess, if you commit to learning how to weld, you won’t find a better or easier-touse and set up entry-level machine.

Visit: www.boc.com.au

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