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Bobcat T595 And S590 Compact Loaders

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With mini excavators and compact loaders becoming more and more affordable, a lot of tradies are opting to buy their machinery instead of hiring it.

Heath Thompson from Impact Pools & Landscapes got to put not one, but two, of Bobcat Company’s most popular machines through their paces. The loaders are similar yet unique, and have proven themselves as top Bobcat machines over the years.

Test #1: Strengths

The Bobcat brand takes me back to my late 20s and early 30s. At that age I spent vast amounts of time working on sizeable commercial landscaping jobs and in and out of various Bobcat machines. So for me, climbing back into the latest and greatest Bobcat track and skid -steer loaders was always going to be an enjoyable experience. It gives a taste of the evolution of the brand.

Something I enjoyed about operating the T595 and S590 compact loaders was the fact the machines have undergone significant improvements and upgrades over the years, but have retained their heritage in terms of operation. They’re always enjoyable to operate, which enables you to get a lot of work done with minimal fuss.

The loaders still have the power and intuitive controls which have made them the machines of choice for the majority of operators over time.

The T595, being a slightly bigger machine than the S590, does come with a little more power, size and capability, so it wasn’t a total surprise that I did slightly prefer the handling of the T595. Being a tracked loader with a bigger bucket, the added stability and operating power just gave me the ability to go that little bit harder. The T595 has an operating weight of 3654kg, a lifting operating capacity of 998kg, and the Tier 4 turbocharged diesel engine punches out a serious 74hp (55.2 kW). With a vertical lift path and compact dimensions (width 1780mm and length 3378mm), the T595 is perfect for use in tight-access areas tradies would experience on residential and smaller commercial sites.

Thanks to a two-speed configuration, this nimble, compact loader can achieve ground speeds of 16.7kph, and the joystick operation is fantastic. Controls are all right there at the operator’s thumb.

The Bobcat S590 is a slightly smaller machine than the T595, but not by much.

This compact skid steer will get into those limited-access sites to rip through a pile of work. With an operating weight of 2991kg – 663kg less than the T595 – this wheeled compact loader still produces a substantial 66hp (49.2kW). That’s only 8hp less than the T595.

The S590 has been a standout machine for Bobcat for a good reason. Its impressive power, comfort and pure versatility have seen this model rise to the top of operator wish lists, being perfect for harder grounds like concrete, asphalt and rocky surfaces.

With an operating capacity of 967kg, the S590 is no slouch when it comes time to roll up the sleeves and crack into some serious work.

Bobcat T595

  • Operating Weight: 3654kg
  • Rated operating capacity: 998kg
  • Horsepower: 74hp (55.2kW)
  • Arm lift path: Vertical
  • Width: 1780mm (70.1″)
  • Length: 3378mm (133″)

Bobcat S590

  • Operating weight: 2991kg
  • Rated operating capacity: 967kg
  • Horsepower: 66hp (49.2kW)
  • Arm lift path: Vertical
  • Width: 1643mm (64.7″)
  • Length: 3378mm (133″)
  • Side By Side

Having both machines side by side on the same site was an excellent opportunity to jump from one to the other and get a good feel for both. The skid steer wasn’t ever going to ride quite as smooth as the compact-tracked loader, due to the weight being spread across the 4 wheels (4 separate pivot points) as opposed to being equally spread out across the tracked equivalent, but both machines performed exceptionally well. There would be great arguments in favour of both models. Operators will love the creature comforts like air conditioning, air-cushion seating and excellent visibility, and at the end of the day a choice between the two would come down to the conditions and terrain you would be operating in.


Both the T595 and the S590 have their strengths for different tasks, but one consistent theme across both variations is the massive range of individual uses for these impressive machines.

For more information visit www.bobcatofaustralia.com.au

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