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Blundstone 989 Boots

by editor

Blundstone’s 989s are serious boots made for serious tradies, designed and built to offer equal measures of comfort, safety and stability.
BOOM! Now go buy a pair or two.

If the majority of your working time is spent outdoors the weather is always going to play a huge part in your day. Blundstone 989s feature a top-shelf, wheat-coloured, water-resistant nubuck leather with elastic sides. Toes will remain nice and dry all day, regardless of the working conditions, and elastic sides mean boots can be quickly slipped on and off (no-one wants to be that guy who puts footprints on the new flooring or takes 10 minutes to put their boots back on, 10x per day).

When it comes to toe safety and protection the 989s sport a broad-fitting, 200-jouleimpact- resistant steel toe cap. On top of the toe cap, on the outer of the boot, is a moulded TPU guard for added protection.

Also on the safety front, the rubber outer sole protects from slips, cuts, hydrolysis and microbial attack. It’s heat resistant up to 300°C, and resistant to oil, acid & organic fat. SPS Max-XRD Technology in the heel and the forepart strike zones give increased impact protection, and there’s also a removable comfort arch footbed.

To figure out what all those features and specs mean for the user, we threw a pair of 989s on structural landscaper and pool installer Heath Thompson from Impact Pools and Landscapes.

“Over the course of a day I could go from meeting with clients to quote an installation, working in the excavator or whacker-packer, to digging in the trenches with the boys or even cutting with the wet saw. I need a pair of boots that look smart while still offering all the safety, protection and stability I need to get through the day successfully.

“I must say, I’ve always worn Blundstones, but these 989s for me ticked all the boxes,” said Heath.

There is no better test for the comfort of a boot than just getting a pair on your feet and finding out what hurts and what doesn’t at the end of the day.

High-end work boots should pretty much feel like they have already been broken in when they’re first pulled on, and to Blundstone’s credit, that’s exactly how the 989s felt. The SPS Max-XRD Technology really does work well, and the comfort and support coming from underfoot is instant.

Heath was a good one to ask about the boots’ protection and stability. He works all day in or around heavy machinery, or is hands-on managing landscaping projects.

“While excavating, or even digging by hand, you never know what’s in the ground, so a tough, yet flexible, rubber outer sole is important. You need to be sure it won’t cut or rip if faced with sharp metal or similar objects underfoot.

“Toe protection when working next to heavy machinery is a must, along with good ankle support, as we are constantly working on uneven ground. These are just some of the features these Blundstones provide and, better yet, at the end of the day my feet don’t hurt at all.”

Blundstone’s 989s are a top-shelf boot. They look the part if you’re meeting clients and provide all the comfort and safety needed for working in the trenches. From industrial workers who experience extensive heat during a manufacturing process, to wetweather conditions or those needing serious foot protection, the Blundstones have you covered with comfort and style.

Visit: www.blundstone.com.au/men-sor-women-s-style-989

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