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Blundstone #983 Boots

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Footwear has a strong bearing on a wearer’s comfort and wellbeing, possibly more than any other item of apparel. When a worker is on their feet for 8-10 hours a day, often on challenging or uneven surfaces, they need to feel confident their boots are doing the job by providing protection, the correct skeletal support and of course, comfort.

Blundstone has been making quality boots since 1870 and the latest release adds another level to its enduring safety story of protecting and providing comfort to Australian workers. The #983, designed with all the much-loved features of the best-selling #992, goes one step further with the inclusion of a penetration-resistant insole.


The insole is constructed of composite, non-metallic, penetration-resistant fibres which provide greater flexibility and comfort and resist penetration and punctures from even the smallest of objects, such as nails. It provides protection over a greater surface area of the foot compared to other materials as it has been built into the construction of the entire sole.

The #983 has a zip/lace-up water-resistant upper with a moulded TPU bump cap to add another level of durability to the leather in the toe area, giving more durability, even under tougher conditions. The rubber sole is heat resistant to 300°C and has been designed to provide increased slip resistance in varied environments, such as rugged, muddy surfaces. There’s also a broad-fitting steel toe cap providing optimum protection. The #983 is certified to Standard AS 2210.3:2019, including electrical-hazard resistance (Clause 5.6).

Blundstone’s also got you covered for comfort with a luxury Comfort Arch PU footbed featuring XRD®Technology to provide greater impact absorption and cushioning with every step taken, bamboo lining to keep your feet cool and dry all day, every day, and a fitted shank which assists with torsional stability.

Ideal for anyone working in construction, mining, fabrication workshops, scrap-metal yards, demolition sites and other industries where there is a potential risk of underfoot puncture injuries, the Blundstone #983 offers the ultimate in lightweight, flexible penetration-resistant safety footwear.

For more information visit www.blundstone.com.au.

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