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Blundstone #243 Work Boots

by editor

It’d be difficult to find a more comfortable and well-rounded boot for an entire crew or team than the new Blundstone #243.

These 135mm mid-height work boots are so comfortable they already feel broken in from the first wear, thanks to the SPS Max Comfort XRD technologies. The removable and washable Comfort Arch footbed with XRD Extreme Impact Protection provides impressive real-world comfort, while the wheat nubuck water-resistant leather upper provides excellent protection from wet, soggy, and cold toes on rainy days.

They look great, and the side zip allows getting the boots on and off very quickly, just what’s needed when working in client’s homes.

Other features that really stood out were the padding around the collar and the tongue, great ankle stability, and a broad-fitting type-1 steel toe cap with TPU toe-guard protection.

To further extend the life of the boot, the double reinforced stitching and generally impressive construction will see it stand up to the toughest of worksite situations.

Benny Dibley has been a builder for 20 years, and in recent times has been focussing on remedial projects around Sydney’s north. Ben shared, “My initial response after pulling on the boot was the comfort. My foot just settled in instantly.

“I do have a narrow foot, so after adjusting the laces just a little to tighten up the fit it was perfect. The Comfort Arch footbed does a great job of making these boots feel like you have been wearing them for a week and they have already moulded to your foot from the very first wear.”

Ben was working on a residential apartmentblock where he and his team had to get a bit of gear from the street up to the rooftop.

“The ankle support and stability is huge when you’re carrying gear and tackling stairs,” Benny said. “I could really feel the support of the boot. The steel toe cap with the TPU toe guard also added additional confidence and peace of mind in various situations over the course of the day.”

Ben had various tasks that required crouching. That meant the boot had to flex and bend without being uncomfortable and putting pressure on the foot. The internal steel shank provided excellent flex while still providing support and tortional stability. Ben offered, “I have had boots that just weren’t comfortable when crouching to perform tasks like fixing timbers, grinding and the like. The 243s did a great job in this area, something tradies will appreciate.

“My feet at the end of the day still felt fresh with no pressure points or areas of discomfort.”

It’s the depth of features that impress with Blundstone. The #243s continue this sophistication and the safety features just keep coming. The slip-resistant TPU outer sole is rated to 140°C and highly resistant to hydrolysis. The nubuck wheat leather is soft yet tough, the side zip is heavy-duty and the steel toe cap is rated to resist a 200- joule impact.

When asking Ben about the build quality he bared his sole: “The fact the Blundstones have a 30-day comfort guarantee and a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty goes to show the confidence and belief Blundstone has in its product, and having owned several pairs of Blundstones I know they will stand up to Australian work-site conditions and provide all the safety and comfort I require.”

The 243s are perfect for companies to deck out an entire team or crew in the same boot, from the master to the apprentice. You will appreciate the safety features and comfort technologies the Blundstone team has brought to the table with the #243 boot.

Visit: www.blundstone.com.au

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