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Bizcover: Australia’s Leading Business Insurance Provider

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Australia’s leading online business insurance service has changed the way micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses buy insurance online.

Running a successful business as a tradie has its own unique set of challenges. At times it can feel like a never-ending mountain of accounts and admin, and that’s on top of getting the physical work completed on time and on budget. Insurance is an area most tradies would fit into the above category. Even though it’s an essential component of running a business, most tradies dread the thought of having to arrange their insurances due to the difficulties and time involved.

BizCover realised success in the tradie sector required changing the game to make the process of getting insured a streamlined and pain-free experience. Tradies can then find multiple cover options for their needs from a range of insurers, at competitive prices, as quickly as possible, and get back to finishing their projects and keeping their clients happy.

Andrew Rogerson And More Than Handy Services

One tradie who has just gone through this experience is Andrew Rogerson.

After decades as a plumber, Andrew started up a handyman service called More Than Handy Services and is working for real estate agents, property managers, builders and private homeowners around the Hunter Region of NSW.

“After spending a long time as a plumber I decided to do my body a favour and make a change to handyman services,” explained Andrew. “Over the decades I have developed a vast range of skills across several trades, and my day to day now sees me completing tasks like painting, drainage, general maintenance, lawns and alike. My tasks from week to week vary a lot, which is refreshing, and I enjoy the process of helping both homeowners and businesses with their varying needs.”

Andrew continued, “When setting up my business, I needed to ensure I had my public liability in place, which was just one of the many items I needed to arrange at the time. I had a lot on my plate, and I was expecting it to be a bit of a testing process.

“My sister recommended I check out the BizCover website. It was easy to navigate and seemed to answer all the questions I had. Not being overly tech-savvy, I decided to call the customer-service number. The guy who took my call was excellent and led me through the process. Within 20 minutes he had gathered all my info and from BizCover’s range of potential insurers found me a great deal and had me sorted with $10 million worth of public liability cover.”

Taking The Hard Work Out Of Insurance

Life is busy enough for tradies as it is, so anything that can take the hard work out of areas like insurance is a big asset. We asked Andrew about any other highlights from his experience arranging insurance through BizCover.

“The overall experience was fantastic,” he replied. “The tone and personality of the BizCover staff member was excellent. No one ever wants to make a claim, but understanding the process is very important, and the consultant stepped me through the process in detail. That was awesome as it gave me the confidence to know both myself and my customers are going to be taken care of exceptionally well if I ever do need to make a claim.”

After catching up with Andrew we feel it’s safe to say the myth that insurance providers are all the same is ‘myth broken’.

BizCover understands the insurance needs of tradies. Get free multiple quotes from top-rated Aussie insurers.

For more information visit www.BizCover.com.au or call 1300 866 744.

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