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BizCover Easy Online Insurance

by editor

There’s not a lot you can do without paperwork these days. Quotes and estimates for clients, invoicing and receipts for purchases…it’s almost neverending. Most tradies’ gloveboxes are overflowing with paperwork.

When it comes to business insurance, public liability and the like, the team at BizCover has constructed an easy, paperfree online process which can have you insured instantly, all from your mobile phone while sipping a coffee at smoko.

BizCover is an insurance specialist which helps compare a range of insurance policies from some of Australia’s leading insurers. It understands what tradies need and has a straightforward online process that allows you to select the best quote for you and your business, all without raising a sweat or touching a single piece of paper.

No one wants to have to deal with long drawn-out processes or be on hold on the phone for an hour when you’re under the pump to get a project finished, but having a proper business insurance policy is just like having a toilet plunger or spare keys for the work ute or site gate: you don’t even think about it until you really need it.

That’s when BizCover proves its worth. Let’s be honest, life can be dramatic enough without dealing with not being covered at work. Public Liability Insurance is important for tradies. It’s protection if a third party claims they were injured or sustained property damage because of your negligent business activities. Having your tools of the trade insured is smart as well. I regularly catch up with tradies who have either had their site or car broken into and lost valuable work tools, tools they had built up over years of hard work.

I sat down at smoko and logged into the BizCover website to see just how easy the process was.

The site is really simple to navigate, and on the very first page is a window to enter your profession. After entering ‘carpenter’, it brought up two options. After selecting the appropriate one and hitting ‘Get quote’, it asked another series of questions about what policy I was looking for, if I wanted public liability, tools, personal injury or illness, and a range of other info it required to provide the accurate quotations.

All up it took around 7 minutes to complete.

If you’re like me you probably find insurance and other types of formal documentation and processes a little stressful. But this was a breeze.

After giving some thought in advance to what cover I wanted and needed, the process of answering all the questions didn’t take long. After about 30 seconds with my provided info the BizCover website gave me 7 quotes for multiple products from various insurers, including QBE, AIG, RelyOn & Dual, with varying prices and offerings.

If you’re looking for instant, no-drama, paper-free online insurance solutions to make sure your bacon’s covered, jump onto www.bizcover.com.au. The website is quick and easy to navigate and won’t leave you baffled by insurance speak or complicated forms.

BizCover will supply you with quotes from some of Australia’s top insurers. Stress-free.

It can provide you with a business pack, public liability, personal accident and illness insurance, and other business-related insurance products.

Visit: www.bizcover.com.au

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