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Big Red Gear Launches New Driving Light Range And Website

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Big Red LED driving lights and light bars are now available to purchase online, direct from Big Red, thanks to the recent launch of its new website and online shop. Promising affordability, toughness and a ‘no-BS’ approach to lighting products, the brand’s latest adventurefocused range has received significant power upgrades over previous offerings.

Within Big Red’s driving-light range are 9″, 7″ and 5″ models, priced per single lamp at $149, $99 and $69 respectively. Utilising high-output 5W Osram LEDs, commonly found in more expensive driving lights, it’s clear Big Red hasn’t skimped on quality in its latest offerings. The lights feature precisely engineered ‘parabola optics’ which help to create enormous volumes of 5700°k white light – around 15,000 raw lumens and 1 lux at 921m from a pair of Big Red’s flagship 9″ lights. Heavy-duty stainlesssteel brackets, 3mm thick polycarbonate lens, a rubber dampening system and IP68 protection all highlight Big Red’s commitment to ‘rugged products designed for the Aussie outback’, from where the brand takes its name. All driving lights come with a clear cover, distribution plate and mounting pad, stainless-steel mounting hardware and a two-position, pre-wired DT connector/lead.

Big Red’s matching light-bar range also recruits Osram LEDs to produce large volumes of light, standing on their own or supplementing driving-light performance with equally af fordable options. The ‘black stealth’, slimline designs incorporate a tough aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens, are sealed to IP67 and come with low-profile, sidemounting brackets and stainless-steel mounting hardware. Wiring harnesses and sliding brackets are available for purchase as accessories.

Marketing Manager Jake Smith said, “Big Red is about endless adventure, accessible to anyone. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get some awesome lighting gear.” Smith also emphasised the importance of quality to the brand, which has its own lighting test facility located in Knoxfield, Melbourne. “We torture our lights. We put them through hell in the lab, and then we put them through hell out there, Birdsville to back o’ Bourke. We make sure they can do what you want to do.”

For more information, visit the Big Red Gear website which is currently offering free shipping on orders over $100.  www. bigredgear.com.au

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