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Be Inspired To Build Better With Lysaght Zenith

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Inspired by the best in European design, the six profiles in Lysaght’s ZENITH® range each offer a distinctive character which makes their own dramatic and stylish statement. These innovative steel profiles have even greater design flexibility when you consider the wide variety of colours that can be selected. These include the Classic and Contemporary COLORBOND® steel colour ranges, or for something more subtle there is the COLORBOND® steel Matt colour range.

For more information on Lysaght’s ZENITH™ cladding range or their complete range of roofing, walling, structural, rainwater and fencing products, visit www. lysaght.com

A striking cladding that combines slender, high ribs and broad, flat pans for a bold and beautiful visual, LONGLINE 305® is available with plain or fluted pans to suit any home design.

The bold impact of LONGLINE 305® was used to great effect on the winning entry in the Residential Category of last year’s Lysaght Inspirations Design Awards. The Kenny Street house showed here proved to be a superb example of what can be achieved.

With raised panels and recessed, ‘channellike’ joins, DOMINION® cladding has a sleek and contemporary character which will suit any modern architecture. DOMINION® can be used in long lengths vertically or horizontally on a structure, or in shorter lengths for a ‘block-like’ effect, making unique patterns and designs possible.

Powerful yet elegant, IMPERIAL™ cladding allows the creation of strong visual designs. Featuring broad, flat pans and slender, well-defined ribs, this cladding profile is incredibly versatile and the perfect complement to any building design.

A timeless profile, BAROQUE™ cladding is reminiscent of heritage roofs and pairs well with any building style. No matter the application, BAROQUE™ cladding has a stylish linear visual thanks to its wide, flat pans and rounded ribs.

Effortlessly stylish and structurally sound, ENSEAM® is a versatile modern cladding solution. Combining broad flat pans and a lower, yet substantial, rib to create another distinct visual dynamic in a cladding – perfect for your next home renovation.

SNAPSEAM™ features the pan and rib profile of ENSEAM® while offering greater design flexibility.

When clients talk about ‘sustainable design’, not everyone is on the same page. For some, it’s about reducing their impact on the environment over the longer term. Others have more immediate goals in mind.

That was the case for the owners of this home in the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn North, winner in the Residential Projects category in the most recent Lysaght Inspirations Design Awards. Director of Chan Architecture, Anthony Chan, says thermal comfort was the driving force behind their interest in sustainable design.

“It was not so much that they were solely focused on sustainability, but they did want to be comfortable without the need for mechanical heating and cooling,” he says. “It was all about a well-performing house that would save them money in the longer term.”

Chan designed a two-storey home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a more private living space on the upper floor featuring a skylight. A guest bedroom and ensuite on the ground floor is off to one side of the entranceway, but central to the design is a spacious, openplan kitchen and dining living space, characterised by a double-height void. To the eastern side of the building, a slender full-length window offers views of the Dandenong ranges.

A simple palette of concrete, timber and steel creates a rhythm for the internal spaces that is at once contemporary and warm, while the masculine angles of the spaces are broken up with more feminine curves for the walls of the bathroom and living space upstairs.

To ensure the house performed well, Chan positioned the structure on the 2000sqm block so the main living areas faced nor th, allowing the polished concrete slab to passively regulate temperatures, keeping the house naturally cooler in summer when the sun is higher and warmer in winter as the slab releases heat into the evening.

A thermal chimney directs hot air up and out of the house via windows on the top floor and the entire house has been heavily insulated, with the ceiling insulated to R7, the highest insulation batts available on the Australian market right now.

Outside, LONGLINE 305® cladding was the obvious choice, thanks to its versatility, flexibility and reflective qualities.

Shaped from COLORBOND® steel in colour Surfmist®, the cladding also reflects, rather than absorbs, the heat. The sloping roof also allowed plenty of space for a substantial photovoltaic system, providing more than enough power for the family.

Timber cladding and stacked stone break up the facade, while recessed reveals on the upper windows add depth and a sense of permanence to the home.

“The advantage of using LYSAGHT® products is that we’re assured that it’s all shaped from COLORBOND® steel. So the flashings are the same colour as the cladding so that it looks like it is wrapping,” says Chan.

For more information on Lysaght’s ZENITH™ cladding range or their complete range of roofing, walling, structural, rainwater and fencing products visit www.lysaght.com

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