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Bar Crusher 615BR Bowrider

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A bit bigger than your average tinny, the Bar Crusher 615R Bowrider is designed so’s people can catch fish from front to back – or as Gilligan would’ve said, from ‘bow to stern’.

The tricky feature on the 615B is a seating area up the front that transforms easily into a level platform. It can be either a nice place to sit and watch a sunset or can quickly become a battle platform for reelin’ in the big’ns.

Other features include a sealed tread plate alloy deck, very wide side coamings, full-length cockpit side pockets, alloy rod holders, a fold-down alloy bench seat, kill tank and a transom live-bait tank.

All this for a mere $72,000 or so for the base model. Then you’ll have to buy a motor as well, of course. And there’s some mad accessories available.

Probably allow yourself $100K or so to get well set up, and it’ll be worth every cent.

Bar Crusher is another great Aussie-made product. Have a look at https://www.barcrusher.com.au for the nearest dealer. Or, if you’re a bit short of time, click and collect. Order one while you’re on the site.

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