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Bamboo Watches

by admin

Watches have always been trendy, and nowadays the go is ecologically friendly watches made from ‘sustainable products’.

We’ve never known a watch to actually threaten the habitat of whales, dolphins or the rarely seen and very timid Redlegged Robber Frog of the Dominican Rebublic, but that doesn’t matter. What’s important with a watch is being able to say to everyone, “Animals everywhere are safer and happier because I’m wearing it.”

And that brings us to Bamboo Watches, the Aussie company which makes these wooden wonders.

Each watch has a wooden case, is splashproof, and has an estimated battery life of two years. And to show just how genuine is the whole ecological significance of these things, Bamboo Watches donates to the Australian Koala Foundation Plant-ATree program every time it sells a timepiece.

We couldn’t find any bricks-and-mortar stores selling the ticking treasures, so you’ll have to log on to bamboowatches.com.au. This one here sells for around $140.

Koalas and termites around the country will thank you.

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