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Balmuda The Toaster

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Everyone loves a slice or two of toast for brekkie, right? Slather on some butter, wack on the Vege and life is good.

But is it? Is it, really? It could be that, without you even knowing it, your toast is shit.

In fact, if you’re punching the Sunblest into the good ol’ four-banger Sunbeam and scraping the crumbs out with a knife, chances are you’re selling yourself and the Aussie breakfast staple short. Toasters with all the glowing wires in them are crap apparently, and ruin a good slice of the ol’ brag’n’boast.

But Japanese company Balmuda has the answer to your problems.

Cleverly called ‘The Toaster’, this benchtop bread warmer uses a very precise application of steam to ensure the flavour, moisture content and consistency of your yeasty repast. The bread is steamed at low temperature, then blasted with heat at the end to give it the brown texture we all know and love.

We couldn’t find any in Aus. All the usual websites are offering Balmudas, but they’re shipped from the US, so you may as well go direct to the sauce (that’s a kittle kitchen pun) and try us.balmuda.com.

The Toaster will set you back US$329 plus shipping.
Tip Top, eh?

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