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Balenciaga Jacket

by editor

This is similar to those tests we see where it asks if the pic looks like a black vase or two white faces opposite each other.

If it looks to you like it’s a fairly standard high-viz jacket, you’re probably a hard-working tradie with bills to pay and a healthy scepticism of any state which shuts down its own commerce but invites sporting events or TV shows with enormous budgets to fly in huge groups of irresponsible people to thumb their noses at that state’s starving and distressed residents.

If you see a coat in a neon-yellow hue, defined by a practical reversible design and a padded silhouette, and the ‘Sporty B’ artwork embroidered on the chest makes you tremble like Mansfield in Victoria on September 22, you’re probably the sort of person who can’t wait to log on to farfetch.com and order yourself one to wear to the vegan smorgasboard at the next wellness meeting.

The ticket price of around $5600 plus freight will be the icing on the gluten-free tofu.


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