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Bakblade Back-Hair Trimmer

by admin

We kid you not. This is a piece of equipment for shaving a bloke’s back.

Real men have hairy backs. That’s life. Suck it up, princess.

But for those out there who need the cleanskin look – bodybuilders, and perhaps those, male and female, attending an annual celebration of sexual diversity in Sydney – a bit of manscaping in hard-to-reach areas is a must.

The BakBlade is the go-to tool.

This scraper looks a bit like a small garden rake and has a folding handle and a twin-blade set up. Just grab the handle, back up to the mirror and start scything away.

We had to make a hasty departure from the store before we could get any more information. We were worried we might discover equipment for shaving other parts of the male anatomy, and for us, one tool is enough.

Grab one at the nearest Shaver Shop for $49.95.

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