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Tradies spend lots of time carrying tools around. Chisels, drills, wire snippers…it’s part of the job, and it can often take a toll on your back. But here’s the thing—use the right gear, and it doesn’t have to.

The BackPro toolbelt is the first of its kind in the Aussie market—a back-support toolbelt that ’s been professionally endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Chiropractic Australia (CA).

How does it work?

BuildPro used scientific movement-sensor research to find the best way of supporting the human back on the job. And after serious testing and careful consideration, the BuildPro team developed an ergonomic design that’s innovatively crafted to do just that.

The BackPro’s made with an upward ‘weightlifter’ curve to help tradies stay on top of OH&S requirements. Tumbled, full-grain leather is used in the construction for a robust, long-lasting belt that not only keeps tools where they’re needed but helps prevent back pain, too.

For work at height, BuildPro has even designed a fully compatible, hi-viz BackPro shoulder brace. It’s hi-viz for safety, and it’s crafted to help spread the weight of tools even further, taking more strain off common pain-points.

The BackPro belt is the only toolbelt of its kind, certified and endorsed, making it the only Aussie-made toolbelt to help keep your weekends free for the things that really matter. Whether you’re a surfer, footy player, or serious about extreme sports, you’ve got much better things to do this weekend than worry about back pain. That’s why BuildPro created the BackPro—the latest and greatest in toolbelt tech.

For more information visit www.buildprogear.com.au

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