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Back from a Setback

by admin

Aussie mountainbiker Remy Morton is one tough bastard. A few years ago Morto had a bit of an off and was kept in a coma to recover from his injuries. But just the other day he jumped on his pushie and barrelled down some totally fricken bowel-loosening hills in New Zealand, scaring tikis hiding in the bushes and reminding the locals just how balls-out tough Australians are.

A Queenslander, but a top bloke anyway, Morto grew up riding BMX and then graduated to MTB downhill racing where he built a reputation for huge jumps. But in 2017 had a shocker. His injuries included a broken neck, broken hip and double punctured lungs.

To anyone else that might’ve been the end of a career, but to an Ausie spor tsman that ’s just ‘an added challenge’.

“Good on yer, Remy!” we say. There’s a clear message there. The Kiwis better treat Australian sportsmen with respect, or it’ll be the All Blacks, Black Caps and Silver Ferns that go downhill fast.

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