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There’s Nothing Like The Australian Weather – Plenty Of Sunshine The Whole Year Round

It’s no wonder the beach and outdoor activities are such a big part of the Aussie lifestyle.

This lifestyle means a lot of building activities are on the Aussie coast, which can be an aggressive environment for concrete. This is why it’s so important to know you are using the right product to build strong and long-lasting structures.

The Cement Australia Builders Cement conforms to Australian Standard AS 3972 for Type GB, which allows for the addition of slag and fly ash – materials that enhance concrete workability (handy for the sunny weather) and protect structures in coastal areas against deterioration – whether that’s moisture ingress, efflorescence or chemical attack from the salt-rich environments.

Concrete structures are built to last – build them right, build with confidence using Cement Australia’s Builders Cement.

Any questions? The Cement Australia team can help.

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