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Australia Post My Stamps

by admin

The post office rocks, doesn’t it?

Who remembers when you used to go in there and it was as boring as Scott Morrison? You’d stand in line, waiting to lick your envelope or maybe have a quick Commonwealth Bank while no-one was looking, but nothing exciting ever happened there.

Now post offices are an Aladdin’s cave of fantastic stuff. Magnifying glasses, smart phones, lollies, gifts…all kinds of awesome crap. We love it!

The latest offering is ‘MyStamps’.

Punters can insert an image directly into a stamp template to create a personalised sheet of 20 stamps. There are nine shapes available, each with a different look you can use to make a statement or just be different. They’re real stamps!

All that needs to be done is:

  • Upload an image
  • Select a shape, and
  • Select the postage type and rate.

We gave it a try and the stamps were here in just a few days.

Do it! Log on to http://auspost.com.au and spend $35. You’ll thank us.

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