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AUG/SEP Tradie Tough Tests

by admin

Panasonic market their power tools as having IP (ingress protection) an internationally recognised protection code referring to resistance to dust and water. In the Tradie Tough Tests, we test products to their very limits, and often further. It was with this in mind that we picked up two 14.4v drills from Panasonic with the intention of subjecting them to some serious water.
The first drill we held fully submerged in dirty water until air bubbles ceased to appear – some 30 seconds. The second drill was subjected to slightly less water, involving a watering can designed to simulate a shower, but ended up simulating something more like an Indian monsoon.

And so the wheels were set in motion. Builder, and WTW tool tester Stu Wauchop was doubtful the drills would ever work again…….

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