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All-new, feature-packed Flexiglass Alloy Ute Tray

by editor

The all-new Flexiglass Alloy Ute Tray has toughness built in, allowing you to carry more and get on with the job.

At the Flexiglass tray’s core is a strong and lightweight aluminium body based around a heavyduty floor that boasts additional structural beams for extra durability and carrying capabi l i ty. This is backed up by a redesigned headboard with safety mesh and upright braces anchored to the tray’s floor beams, headboard panel and chassis rail for superior strength, and ringed by a rugged 65mmø brushed-aluminium tube, complete with ladder pins.

The Flexiglass Alloy Ute Tray also features drop-sides and rear tailgate, which are locked in place by improved heavy-duty over-centre latches to make tray access simpler. Meanwhile, a removable 65mmø rear ladder rack, rear-light protection kit and matching toolboxes are optional extras that add even more functionality to the unit.

• Strong yet lightweight aluminium body, drop-sides and rear tailgate
• Heavy-duty floor reinforced by Z-section structural beams
• New-and-improved headboard design with strong Z-section upright braces
• Heavy-duty over-centre latches make tray access easier
• Optional ladder racks can easily be removed for loading large cargo.


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