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All-New BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A Tyre Ready For Adventure

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Designed to take drivers to their next adventure, BFGoodrich Tires introduces the Rugged Terrain T/A tyre, the newest entry in BFGoodrich Tires’ broad 4×4 and SUV tyre line-up.

The BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A tyre is designed for 4×4 and sport utility vehicle drivers. It offers them aggressive off-road looks combined with low rolling resistance, reduced noise and all season traction.

This tyre is classified as a part of the “hybrid” tyre category; it is a tyre with off-road looks and a smooth ride on-road. As BFGoodrich Tires continues to push the limits in both off-road and on-road performance categories, this category has continued to grow and evolve.

The Rugged Terrain T/A tyre fills the void in the brand’s portfolio and increases the coverage offered by the BFGoodrich brand.

“At BFGoodrich Tires, our goal is to create quality products that appeal to every kind of driver,” said Oliver Biggart, Marketing and Communications Manager for BFGoodrich.

“The BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A tyre fits distinctly between the Long Trail T/A® Tour tyre, which is designed primarily for on-road driving, and the All-Terrain T/A®KO tyre, which can go as far off-road as you want.

“The Rugged Terrain T/A tyre is for drivers who want a versatile tyre to perform during the work week as well as on a weekend adventure.”

Years of development went into the design of the Rugged Terrain T/A tyre, with lessons learned from engineering sessions at a variety of proving grounds and tracks, hundreds of off-road races and closed testing sessions conducted with motorsports teams.  A combination of tread design and compound development resulted in a 30 per cent improvement over the Rugged Trail T/A® in wet weather performance.

The BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A tire is also loaded with innovative tread design features making it one of the most capable and versatile tyres available.  Super high-tensile steel cables and stiff tread blocks ensure it will go the distance.

Additional performance features for the BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A tire include:

  • Noise reducing tread design features: Delivering a quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Two large circumferential grooves: Evacuates water to reduce aquaplaning.
  • An aggressive tread design: The new mould technology allows the tread to wrap around and down the tyre sidewall.
  • Tread-clearing elements: Ejects gravel and mud in light off-road environments.
  • Equal TEnsion Containment System (ETEC System): A proprietary BFGoodrich Tires technology that delivers toughness for all terrains.

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