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All Along The Andes

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Death Road

Ron and Viv Moon Tackle South America

Words Ron and Viv Moon

Death Road
Viv was agitated; her exclamations alerted to me to the fact the 4X4 passenger wheels were seemingly millimetres from the crumbling edge of the road.

We were driving Bolivia’s infamous “Death Road” that slices its way down the eastern edge of the Andes, from a high point just outside the country’s capital, La Paz, into the dankness, heat and humidity of the Amazon Basin.

I was nervous. Water gushed down the cliff face beside us like a veritable waterfall – an obvious hangover from the wet-season rains. I edged the Patrol around the curve of the narrow track.

My driving was pin sharp. It’s amazing how your concentration can become extremely focused when confronted by a narrow road, crumbling on the edge of a vertical drop into the abyss.

Andes Machiu Picchu
As the mountainous spine of the Andes began to peter out, we crossed the Straits of Magellan to Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego (the Grand Island of the Land of Fire) and after wandering through forest clad hills and beside pristine mountain streams for a couple of days, crossed the border yet again into Argentina to our final destination of Ushuaia.

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Northern Chile

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