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Ah. Soul Flyers!

by admin

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet call themselves ‘Soul Flyers’ and get their jollies zooming about the place in wingsuits.

The pair recently bailed from a helicopter and hit 270kph before shooting 80 metres straight up, opening parachutes and landing safely on the beach. It all looks like a bit of a harmless lark to scare the neighbours, but it took the pair 50 practice jumps to get everything just right.

“We realised we can go high enough and the parachute can open quick enough that we could do it closer to the ground,” said Fugen, his sanity in some doubt. “If you have too much horizontal speed and the opening is not good it can break your back.”

We’re guessing the flesh-coloured smoke is caused by gasses escaping between bum cheeks clenched so tight in terror the result is brown dust.

Fugen awesome.

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