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AEG18V Brushless 184mm Deep-Cut Circular Saw

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AEG has an awesome new 18V brushless 184mm deep-cut circular saw with a class-leading 68mm depth of cut which will increase job site efficiency.

Built with a high-performance brushless motor that provides increased power, longer runtime and maximum durability, this little beast is going to get you cutting all day long, especially when teamed up with the AEG Force batteries.

A lot of tradies out there may have tried an AEG product several years back, but the brand has come ahead by leaps and bounds in recent years, particularly in the battery and advanced brushless motor departments, so we were very interested to see how this deep-cutting circular saw would hold up to our barrage.

Test #1: Ergos And Balance

Picking up the AEG 184mm deep-cut circular saw for the first time you notice how comfortable the handle is. The moulded grip is excellent, and with the softer rubber material you feel in control. It weighs in at around 4.2kg without a battery, and that’s light enough to comfortably use for long periods, with the aluminium base ensuring a lighter weight with maximum durability.

The Box (SKIN) 1 X 18V Circular Saw

  • 1 x parallel guide
  • 1 x blade spanner
  • 1 x blade
  • 1 x manual

Test #2. General Cutting

We threw what we could at the AEG – softwoods, hardwoods, thick and thin – and cut after cut felt great. It’s easy to control and has tonnes of power.

What I really liked about the AEG was how quick and easy it was to set up the saw for different applications. The cam-lock bevel and depth-adjustment lever were perfectly positioned and gave very reliable setting up of angles. The LED sight light was bright and worked very well. It’s perfectly positioned to illuminate the cut line.

When we were working on the roof frames the rafter hook was quick and easy to open for efficient storage between cuts.


  • Model: BKS18BR-0
  • 18 volt
  • 5600rpm
  • 68mm depth of cut
  • 184mm blade

Test #3: Power

To test a cordless 18V circular saw we like to get a solid piece of timber that’s thicker than the saw can cut. Then, setting the saw to the deepest possible setting, we rip down the timber over and over trying to get the motor to come to a stop. The AEG performed extremely well, not skipping a beat even once.

You could really feel the powerful brushless motor at work, getting that blade to spin at 5600rpm with so much power!

A job that would usually be set aside for the corded saw was done with ease.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The AEG 18V brushless 184mm deep-cut circular saw is one powerful little machine with all the features and ergonomics done just right. The class-leading 68mm depth of cut is also going to get you cutting those extra bits without having to get out the bigger saw. High power, great runtime and great features add up to greater efficiency, and AEG has nailed this one.

To know more visit www.aegpowertools.com.au

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